Admission Process

You have what it takes to Level-Up your IT career or start a career in IT?

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NexGenT Admission Process

Step 1

Complete NexGenT Program Application

Step 2

Take a 30 min mandatory skill assessment test

Step 3

Phone interview with our Admission Representative

Step 4

Video Interview with our Admission Officer

Step 5

Sign Enrollment Agreement and pick a cohort

Step 6

Complete our pre-requisite course before you start your cohort


NexGenT Program Application


Ready to become a specialist in the I.T. world? Go to! This is where you have the ability to apply to the program that you desire most. Once you have chosen the program that interests you, this is where you will start your process of enrolling with us!

Please keep in mind that you must be 18+ years of age and have proof of HSD, GED, or a certified college transcript.


Mandatory Skill Assessment Test


Next, you will be receiving and taking a required skill assessment. It is roughly 30 mins.

This assessment will measure focus and cognitive ability. Before you start, it is important to find a quiet place with access to a desktop/laptop computer. This is for our admission team. Once you have completed the assessment, you will be invited to schedule a call with the admission team.

You will find scrap paper and pencil (or pen) to be helpful for some calculation problems.


Admission Rep Phone Interview

After completing the Skill Assessment Test, you’re ready for your admissions interviews! On your first call with our admission team, this is where they will go over your application get to know you a little better. They will also be taking notes for the Admissions Supervisor as well for your second interview.

The call will last 30 minutes or so, please find a quiet place to have the interview.


Admission Officer Video Interview 


After you have completed your first call with the Admissions Representative, you will be directed to have a required video one on one with the Admissions Supervisor.

Treat this video interview like a job interview, it will last up to 30 minutes


Sign Enrollment Agreement


Once you passed the two interviews, you are officially admitted into the program! You will select a cohort start date, make your first payment OR sign an Income Sharing Agreement.

Our team will set up an account for you on our Learning Management System and add our pre-requisite course to your account.


Complete our pre-requisite course before you start your cohort


You’ve finally made it to the last step, woohoo!

While we do not require you having any IT knowledge before you start our zero to engineer programs, we do want you to have some basics before you start.

Once you have completed and have passed the pre-requisite course, you are all set to go for your cohort! 

Good luck and we will see you there. #LevelUp!

Tuition Options


Self Paced


12 month and 36 month.
Financing options available.

Live Cohort


36 mo, 48 mo, and 60 month.
Financing options available.