Module 3: Core Protocols & Network Models

What You’ll Learn

Here we introduce TCP, UDP, Ports, DNS, and the OSI + TCP/IP model.


In this module we will explore the layers of the OSI Model. We will also review the principles of the TCP/IP Model and how TCP/IP functions. We will also cover important network protocols, such as DNS, Telnet, SSH, ICMP, FTP and TFTP.
  • Welcome (8 sec)
    • Get ready to learn about the protocols at the core of networking and the different network models behind modern networking.
TCP, UDP and Ports - 30 minutes
  • Ports (14 min)
    • What are TCP and UDP Ports? We’ve got to understand these before we can truly understand the TCP and UDP protocols themselves.
  • Transmission Control Protocol – TCP (10 min)
    • Good old Transmission Control Protocol!
  • User Datagram Protocol – UDP ( 5 min)
    • And, we must not forget about User Datagram Protocol.
Core Protocols - 31 minutes
  • DNS – The Domain Name System (14 min)
    • Here we will learn about another crucial technology to your everyday web browsing experience – DNS!
  • Diagram of a DNS Request (6 min)
    • And, in this short lesson we will make sure you understand exactly what a DNS Request is.
  • Core protocols (11 min)
    • There’s a few protocols that we need to make sure you completely understand. Let’s get down with some Telnet, SSH, ICMP, FTP and TFTP!
Networking Models - 51 minutes
  • The OSI Model – Intro to OSI and the 7 Layers (12 min)
    • We’ll begin breaking down the OSI model by learning about the 7 layers.
  • The OSI Model – Passing Through the Layers (5 min)
    • Now that we know what the 7 layers are we can see how data looks as it moves through each layer of the OSI model.
  • The OSI Model – Devices and Protocols in OSI (16 min)
    • In this lesson, we will look at the OSI model from the perspective of different network devices and the layers at which they function.
  • The OSI Model – Remembering the Layers (4 min)
    • We’ll wrap up the lessons on the OSI model with some ways to remember the layers from bottom to top and top to bottom.
  • The TCP/IP Model (14 min)
    • Now that we understand OSI we can quickly deconstruct the TCP/IP Model.


Guidance and Motivation


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