Frequently Asked Questions


What is NGT Academy’s cybersecurity program?

Our Cyber Security Accelerator program is an intensive & immersive cyber security training curriculum that prepares anyone for a career in cyber security. The program will teach students a solid foundation in networking and cyber security before progressing to real-world skills training featuring red team vs. blue team scrimmages and custom built labs on state of the art equipment.

By the end of the program, graduates will have mastered the skills necessary to be job-ready for an entry-level cyber security role. During the program, all students receive individual mentoring from top cyber security engineers in the industry and career coaching to land their dream job in cyber security.

At NGT Academy, we focus on real-world skills training over theoretical education. Our #1 goal is to kickstart your career in cyber security. The program was developed by industry leaders from Lockheed Martin, Ford, Cisco, Dimension Data, and more. The curriculum as a whole has been reviewed and influenced by Chief Information Security Officers from Fortune 500 companies. We are proud of the training and education we provide at NGT Academy and have been blessed to have many high caliber industry leaders help validate the curriculum. The Cyber Security Accelerator program is available in full-time and part-time schedules. 

What is NGT Academy's Network Engineering program?

NGT Academy’s Full Stack Network Engineering Program is designed to equip aspiring or current network engineers with real-world skills through hands-on, live training experience. In as little as 14 weeks, you’ll be a certified full-stack networking professional equipped with three awards: Full-Stack Network Associate award, Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), and the Full-Stack Network Professional (FSNP) award. Each student will have rolled out three complete real-world based projects and will have their real-world skills verified via a live Skills Qualification Check. Once the training is completed, graduates work directly with our career services team to land a high-paying networking job.

The Full Stack Network Engineering program is available in full-time and part-time schedules.

Does NGT Academy help me get a job?

Our sole mission is to help prepare you and then aid you in landing your first job.


We have a dedicated career services team that will work with you in accomplishing landing a job in networking or cyber security.


The career services team aids students with professional career coaching, technical and behavioral practice interviews, professional career maps, guidance check-ins, and more!

How much can I expect to earn in cybersecurity?

The average salary for a cyber security professional is $77,190/year.
Entry-level roles such as Cyber security Analyst and Information Security Analyst make around $62,264/year.
Experienced cyber security professionals can make over $150,000 – $250,000/year.


How much can I expect to earn in network engineering?

The average salary for a network engineer is $72,000/year.

Entry-level roles such as Junior Network Engineer or Network Administrator make around $65,710/year. 

Experienced network engineers anywhere around $120,000 – $250,000/year.


Program Information

When do the courses start?

You can start anytime! We accept new students on a rolling basis.

Do I need prior experience to start the academy?

NexGenT takes applicants from every background. We’ve helped grocery managers, forklift drivers, and existing IT folks to launch their careers.
If you are driven, determined, punctual, and willing to learn, you’ll be successful!
Having a background in IT will definitely be beneficial, but it is not required.

How much time do I need to dedicate to homework/self-study?

Our academy is designed to accelerate one’s career from Zero to Engineer. It is an intense, rigorous, and immersive program that will produce results. We are a military-grade training program that pushes people to reach their maximum potential.
Be prepared to put in 10-20 hours on a part-time schedule and 30-40 hours on a full-time schedule each week.

What is the online learning experience like?

Online education allows people to learn from anywhere and complete programs without commuting to a campus.
We’ve designed our virtual classrooms to keep you engaged and motivated.
Our lessons are broken up into manageable chunks combined with practical hands-on labs and projects.
We also invite our members into our social media network to build relationships and share knowledge/experiences.

What happens if I miss a class?

If you miss a class, you can catch up through digital recordings.
If there are emergencies, we will work with you accordingly to find a solution.

Can I pay for the program up-front?

Yes, please contact

How do I get started?

Navigate to our program overview page and click the ‘APPLY NOW’ button to get started.”

What are the eligibility requirements and criteria?

NexGenT welcomes applicants from all backgrounds. We’ve helped grocery managers, forklift drivers, and existing IT folks to land jobs. What set them apart was their potential, enthusiasm, and willingness to learn.
Beneficial backgrounds include

  • Bachelor’s or technical degree
  • Experience work in IT
  • Knowledge of the cybersecurity industry
  • Military experience
  • Computer savvy

Can I have a cosigner?

Yes, you can add a cosigner if pursuing funding through various financing options..