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Finally, break into a job with 6 figures in information technology. 

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The problem with most training programs is that you’re on your own trying to figure out what you should be doing next. This leaves many people lost and confused about how to develop their careers or where they want to go next.

Dream IT Coaching offers highly customized, personalized career development plans for ambitious professionals looking to get ahead in their careers. We work with the proven strengths and weaknesses of each individual client to create an actionable plan tailored to their goals and aspirations. No cookie-cutter solutions here!


Apply for Free

Pay nothing until you land a job! Fill out a short application and speak to our admission representatives to see if you are a good fit for our programs.

Get Promotion Ready!

Work with your personal career coach to enhance your soft skills and get your professional documents like your resume worthy of a pay raise.

Break into a Six-Figure Salary

We’ll help with your resume, find your top employers, setup mock interviews, negotiate salary, provide mentorship and more.

Perfect Your Career Milestones

Dream IT provides you with the tools needed to optimize your job search and advance upward in IT. We have created an elite team with endless connections and hiring sources to provide our students with opportunities that are simply not available anywhere else.


Want to break into a six figure salary?

Landing a promotion is hard. Our Dream IT Job program provides all of the tools needed to break into the six-figure salary that you deserve. 

Achieving the professional greatness that you are capable of

Having a kick-ass resume can make all the difference. Our career coaches are experts in their field, and they know what your future employer is looking for.

Build confidence and mastering success

You’ll have access to unlimited weekly 1 on 1’s with career coaches and our career course all while meeting mentors, sourcing new job opportunities, and learning about salary negotiation.

Spend less time looking for a job with weekly accountability

Don’t go through this daunting process alone. Your career coach will hold you accountable while making sure that you have the most confidence to make sure you land the job of your dreams!

Mock Interviews

Learn how to nail your interviews with rigorous feedback from both your career coach and a technical instructor.

Job Search Plan

If you haven’t already landed a job while in our program, you’ll graduate with a full-proof plan and your career coach’s accountability to get you there.


Meet Your Career Coaches


NexGenT has a world-class team of Career Success Coaches who are dedicated to helping you achieve success. The team has helped thousands of students both break into tech and achieve their dream jobs. During your program, your career coach will work with you from day 1 to mentor and help you master each career milestone and ultimately, land your dream job.

Terry Kim


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Rob Coble

Rob has 15+ years of experience in career coaching and loves mentoring students to conquer their fears and realize their dreams.

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Christian Ryan

Dr. Ryan has 15+ years of experience in educational programming and student advising. Her mission is to make sure that all types of learners are empowered with the tools, resources, and support that they need to succeed.

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Nicole Evans

Nicole has a Master’s in Educational Psychology and is also a Certified Life Coach. With years of experience, she has a passion for developing and supporting students and helping them achieve their goals.

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Dream IT Highlights

Dream It offers the most robust career services & coaching on the market. With our bulletproof formula, we are able to make sure all our students are employer-ready and triumph in their job search.

Personalized Mentoring

Everyone’s path to success is unique. We personalize your coaching by first analyzing your strengths and weaknesses to build a custom career development plan. Your job success is so important that we dedicate a Career Success Coach to meet with you 1:1 to ensure you’re on track to reach your personal goals.

Achieving Milestones for Greatness

During the course of your program, your Career Success Coach works with you to master each career milestone of a professional resume, cover letter, IT or cybersecurity interview preparation, a professional LinkedIn profile, and ultimately, a job and career success plan.

Hands-on learning through Career Weeks

Throughout your program, you are going to have 2 career weeks that are solely dedicated to helping you work towards your career goals. These weeks will be dedicated to helping you level up your career service milestones and making sure you are job-ready.

Weekly Course

Access to NexGenT's Employer Network

The NexGenT Employer Network is comprised of leading enterprise employers from the private and public sectors, as well as recruitment firms that specialize in IT and cybersecurity. NexGenT students that qualify are invited to register for the Employer Network and, once registered, are then shared with employers and recruitment firms that are currently hiring.

Streamlined Job Searching

With NexGenT, you’ll gain access to our powerful job tracking tool and CRM. You’ll be able to easily and digitally collaborate with your Career Success Coach to ensure you are applying for the right jobs and getting the interviews you deserve.


Frequently Asked


What do admissions look for in students?

We look for dedicated people looking to break into a six-figure salary.

What does the timeline look like for applying to Dream Job and joining the program?

You could be admitted into our program in as little as two weeks!

Can I go through this program if I work full time?

Yes! As long as you have at least 10 hours to dedicate to the program, you can go through it with a full-time job.

What is the cancellation policy?

We offer a 14 day cancellation time period. You can cancel at any time in those 14 days and you will not be penalized or obligated to your ISA contract.

How much of a time commitment is Dream Job?

We expect you to commit at least 10 hours a week.

Is the program online?

Yes, the program is completely online.

What is an ISA and how does it work?

NexGenT’s Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) is the easiest way to pay for NexGenT’s training programs. A NexGenT’s ISA is a contract under which you agree to pay 10% of your post-graduation annual salary for 12 months, but only once you’re making $100,000 per year. Under NexGenT’s ISA, students will never pay more than the payment cap. If your tuition isn’t paid back within X years of graduating, we waive the rest of your balance to zero, even if you made zero payments.

Our ISA contract obligation will be waived after X years of graduation, regardless of how many payments have been made.

What types of jobs or industries is this best for?

This program is best for individuals within careers in IT that are looking to break into senior roles that make six figures. Some example job titles that you could go into after the program include Senior Network Engineer, and Systems Architect.

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