Become a job-ready,
full-stack network engineer
in just 14 weeks.

Pay nothing until you get a job.


Why is full-time important?


You will be guided through the most important foundational concepts and technical skills necessary to get started with full-stack networking. Get ready to skyrocket through the IT Industry and become a rockstar engineer! 


Students will dive into real-world skills training and project-based learning with over 100+ hours of project build-out time


During training students also work with our Career Services team for professional career coaching, technical and behavioral practice interviews and professional career maps and guidance check-ins. 


At the end of this module students will be tested on theory and upon completion receive their FSNA certificate, their FSNP certificate, and be ready to take the Cisco CCNA.


How does our real-world training set us apart?

Virtualized projects with various real-world missions that test skills learned from labs. 

Building out these real-world projects students will also learn how to troubleshoot networks with common troubleshooting scenarios that are found in the field.

You will also be given a real-world networking scenarios where you come up with a feasible solution and mitigate the problem

Expand your knowledge into the real-world architectures as presented by Cisco Systems.

Complete your final lab build-out including routing, switching, voice over IP, wireless network access, and network security.

This type of immersive training builds situational awareness, which leads to on-the-ground experience and offers numerous benefits including real-time feedback and cross-functional training.

#1 Network Engineering Bootcamp

Developed by world-class network engineers to be world-class network engineers.

Over 1,000+ people trained to be rockstar Network Engineers.

Our students get jobs as network specialists, network analysts, network administrators or network engineers.

Dedicated Career Service Team

Our students have a dedicated career coach that work with them 1:1 to set-up a custom job success strategy. Your Career Success Coach works with you to master each career milestone of a professional resume, cover letter, IT or cybersecurity interview preparation, a professional LinkedIn profile, and ultimately, a job and career success plan. 



Upcoming start dates


18 June 2021 Cyber Security 14 weeks Full-time Apply Now
23 July 2021 FSNE Basic + Advanced 24 weeks Part-time Apply Now
6 Aug 2021 Cyber Security 24 weeks Part-time Apply Now
13 Aug 2021 FSNE Basic + Advanced 14 weeks Full-time Apply Now 

Three Steps to Change Your Career

Submit an application.

Tell us about yourself and why you would like to start a new career in networking engineering or even level-up in the network industry.

Through our ISA program, anyone is able to apply for the program because we offer $0 upfront costs. We train you for free until you land a job, in which you would then pay us back the tuition after you are getting paid in a job..

We are looking for determined, passionate, and highly motivated students with a deep passion for learning!



Asked Questions


How much does the program cost?

NexGenT is on a mission to prepare our students for a career in cybersecurity and network engineering. We believe the Income Share Agreement is the best way to help people break into these careers without paying anything up-front. This allows us to focus on getting you results in the lucrative industry in cybersecurity and network engineering.

Under our ISA, you agree to pay back 10% of your gross income for 48 payments as long as you’re making $3,333/month ($40,000 annual salary) or higher.

Your ISA obligations will be satisfied if you pay the payment cap or will be wiped out after 5 years of graduating from our program.

The base tuition for NexGenT’s Full Stack Network Engineering Program is $12,500 upfront.

Can I pay tuition costs upfront?

Yes, you can. Please contact us at

Does NexGenT help me get a job?

Our sole mission is to help prepare you and then aid you in landing your first job.

We focus on immediately finding you a job within 12 weeks of graduation through our career services team. Our career services team will be accessible to you from years 2-3-4 to help you be a six-figure network engineer quickly.