FSNE: Cisco ASA SSL VPN Project


This project is based on a very common deployment: installation of a new dedicated firewall in the network. In this case, we need a more advanced internet edge device to provide better site to site VPN capabilities and also telecommuter support with Remote Access VPN.


Introduction - 13 minutes

This module introduces what we’ll cover in the entire project.


  • Welcome Video (2 min)
    • We’ll cover what we will go through in this module!
  • Project Introduction (3 min)
    • You’ll learn who is delivering the project and you can expect throughout the project!
  • How To Make The Most Of This Project (8 min)
    • We will take a look at how to approach the project to be successful!
Planning - 35 minutes

This module covers the steps needed to properly plan for a project.


  • Welcome Video (1 min)
    • In this video, we will see what we’ll cover in this module!
  • Gathering Information and Requirements (8 min)
    • In this video, we find out what business issues the company has and how we will solve those issues with technical solutions!
  • Diagramming The Solution (4 min)
    • In this video, we will break down how to add a node into an existing diagram and consider the repercussions of doing that.
  • Bill of Material and Statement of Work (22 min)
    • In this video we will go over building out the design, deciding on a platform, licensing and how we’ll roll out this deployment for the company.
Execution Phase - 114 minutes

This module covers the execution of deploying a Cisco ASA and an SSL VPN.



  • Welcome Video (2 min)
    • In this video, we’ll cover what this module we’ll cover.
  • Technical Introduction (18 min)
    • In this video, we will break down how we’ll deploy the ASA, set it up, and deploy the SSLVPN. You’ll also learn how traffic flowing between the user and the ASA will be encrypted!
  • Basic ASA Setup (22 min)
    • In this video, we will walk through deploying an ASA 5506-X in Packet Tracer, cable it to the existing network and adding a base configuration!
  • ASA Remote Access SSL VPN Configuration (17 min)
    • This video covers the deployment and verification of an SSL VPN on a Cisco ASA 5506-X!
  • Physical ASA Overview (19 min)
    • In this video, we will check out physical ASAs, a 5506-X, and a 5520!
  • Real ASA Base CLI Configuration (13 min)
    • In this video, we will walk through the base setup of an ASA, including hostname, interfaces, SSH access and default routing!
  • Real ASA ASDM SSLVPN Deployment (23 min)
    • In this video we will walk through the deployment of an SSLVPN from the ASDM!
Controlling - 21 minutes

This module covers testing and support of the deployed ASA and SSL VPN.


  • Welcome Video (1 min)
    • In this video, we will find out what we’ll be covering in this module.
  • Testing (5 min)
    • In this video, we will look at testing out the SSLVPN deployment with the company so they know how to work with the solution.
  • Support (15 min)
    • In this video, we will help the company support the SSLVPN, by laying out how to provision a new authentication certificate.
Closing Phase - 22 minutes

This module covers closing out a project.


  • Welcome (1 min)
    • In this video, we will cover what we’ll cover in this module.
  • Project Closure (3 min)
    • In this video, we will break down a good, solid way to close out a project and make sure we get a clear picture of how the customer feels. We want to leave them in a good spot so they’ll want to work with us again in the future.
  • Exit Video (1 min)
    • The project is now finished, we want to leave you with some words of advice!


Guidance and Motivation


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