FSNE: IP Addressing & Subnetting


In this module we will deconstruct the worlds of IP addressing and subnetting. We’ll begin with learning about IPv4 addresses and how we assign them. Then, we’ll jump into subnetting and provide you with the easiest method to perform subnetting by hand. By the end of this module you’ll even have the scoop on IPv6 and the world’s transition to this new way of doing IP addressing all across the globe!


  • Welcome (1 min)
    • Welcome to the IP Addressing & Subnetting Module!
IPv4 Addressing - 133 minutes
  • Binary and the IP Address (14 min)
    • Let’s start breaking down IP Addresses by looking at them in binary!
  • Network IDs and Subnet Masks (20 min)
    • Now, let’s learn how to understand the Network ID and the purpose of a Subnet Mask.
  • The Class System (12 min)
    • It’s time to learn about the Class System and Classfull networks.
  • Usable IP Addresses (8 min)
    • Let’s begin our lessons in subnetting by learning about usable IP address ranges.
  • Bit Identification Technique (14 min)
    • BIT = Bit Identification Technique (The best method to subnet by hand)
  • Class C Subnetting Examples (26 min)
    • Now for the good stuff – we’ll break down IPv4 subnetting with Class C based networks.
  • Class B Subnetting Examples (39 min)
    • In this lesson we will learn how to subnet with Class B Networks and beyond. We will also touch on the topic of supernetting and you will see how all this applies to the real world and Internet Service Providers.
Assigning IP Addresses - 36 minutes
  • IP Address Assignment (11 min)
    • How do we put an IP address on a computer? Let’s find out!
  • DHCP (with Lab) (25 min)
    • Let’s learn more about Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol and then do a lab to get it all setup in a network using Cisco IOS.
IP Version 6 - 32 minutes
  • IPv6 (32 min)
    • IPv6 is coming! Oh wait, it’s already here 🙂


Guidance and Motivation


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