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This short 5.5 hour course hour course will teach you how networks work and even how to configure core network devices such as routers and switches. Once you have completed this introductory course be sure to reach out to our team for next steps in leveling up your career and becoming a rockstar engineer – I’m excited to get started with you on your journey into network engineering!

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Complete the Computer Networking 101 and Computer Networking 102 modules in this course to get a grasp of what networking is all about. We will use lessons, quizzes and labs to accelerate your learning experience. At the end of this course you will also have a 40 question exam to confirm your understanding of all the content and material. See you in the course!

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Our students get jobs as network specialists, network analysts, network administrators or network engineers.

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Many of our students kickoff their IT career with this Intro to Network Engineering.

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Military-grade Instruction

You’ll be taught by instructors who have built out their own entire network architectures at billion-dollar companies and have also trained thousands of personnel in the Air Force to eventually build out their own networks at Fortune 500 companies.

Virtual mentorship from top network engineers

Get access to experienced network engineers working at companies like Cisco, Amazon, Google and more willing to invest in you to launch or accelerate your career.

Flexible learning

Whether you’re working full-time or part-time, you can take live video classes in a virtual classroom with your instructors and fellow learners.


Course Modules


Computer Networking 101:

In this first module, Computer Networking 101, we will cover the very basics such as answering the question – what is a network? We will also dive into the other very foundational topics such as the different types of networks, bits & Bytes, MAC addresses, LAN switching, and Cisco IOS configuration. Let’s get started!

Computer Networking 102:
Now that you have a decent understanding of how LANs and Switching works, we can move on to gain a better understanding of routing and the protocol that runs the internet, Internet Protocol. We will also do some basic router and essential network configurations and even dive into configuring static routing. By the end of this module you will have completed this course and will have an entry level understanding of basic Computer Networking concepts and configurations as well as some of the best IT Career Path options available! So, let’s dive in and get you further along your journey to become a rockstar engineer! #LevelUp



If you desire to take part in Zero to Engineer, you need to have the drive, tenacity, and passion to keep up with our military-grade training curriculum.

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The group coaching makes all the difference, and really helps you to understand things by asking questions and get fast responses from subject matter experts, and it’s dummy proof.”

Marcus Mapes

I get to spend more time with my family and make a living doing what I’m passionate about.”

Keron Taylor

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