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What We Do

We provide world class military grade IT Training


NexGenT training focuses on the real world job skills that employers are looking for.  After training soldiers across the world in the military to become combat ready IT professionals, co-founders Terry Kim and Jacob Hess developed the 6 month NexGenT Zero to Engineer program to train and prepare everyone how to become a job ready IT professional just as they did in their years in the miliatary.  Do you want proof it works?  Check out our Zero to Engineer page and listen to a few of our testimonials.

Highest PPS in the IT Industry

We know our training works and we’re prepared to offer you the highest PPS(Pay-Per-Signup) across the industry for qualified student referrals.


Share your link

We will provide you with a custom tracking link that you can share with your audience.

Qualified Referral

The verification process for a student referral typically takes about 30 days to process a student and qualify them as a referral.

Paid per Signup


$100 /signup


$150 /signup


$225 /signup


$350 /signup


Affiliate Highlights

Becoming an affiliate opens up a wide range of options to not only help you become a rockstar advocate for NexGenT but also help promote our brands by working together.  If you have any questions or require additional resources please reach out to Zach Hill NexGenT’s Tech Evengalist and Affiliate Manager.

NexGenT Social Media

Social Sharing

When you develop sponsored or affiliated content for NexGenT we will be happy to share your content across our social platforms at a reasonable amount number of times per month determined by NexGenT’s Social Team.

Guest Appearances

Pick your flavor and NexGenT would be honored to have you serve as a guest on our weekly Meet the Rockstar Engineer calls, YouTube Channel, Blog Posts, Podcast, or any of our other social platforms.

Dedicated Sponsorship

If you have an idea on how you can incorporate NexGenT sponsorship into your platform of choice, please feel free to send over a media kit or similar for us to review along with details on how you plan to incorporate our brand into your platform.


Frequently Asked


What is a Qualified Referral?

Once you have sent a lead to NexGenT the student will go through an enrollment process which can typically take up to 30 days to complete from start to finish.


Once the student has completed the enrollment process they will be considered a qualified referral. 

How long does it take to get paid?

Payments are sent 30 days from the date your referral was qualified.

How do I get paid?

Bank, Wire Transfer, Paypal, Bitcoin

How long does it take for your account to be approved?

It typically takes around 7 business days for your account to be approved and activated in our systems. You will receive an email from us as soon as your account has been approved with details on how to log in and access your analytics, affiliate codes, and available marketing tools.

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